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Republic Engineered Products' Capacity Increases to Benefit Wide Range of SBQ Customers

Precision sizing mill in New York boosts bar, coil capacity;
Additional focus placed on 9.75" X 7.50" bloom production in Canton.

CANTON, Ohio (Feb. 10, 2011) -- Republic Engineered Products, Inc., the nation's leading producer of special bar quality (SBQ) steel, today announced the new $20 million precision sizing mill and related equipment at its rolling operation in Blasdell (Lackawanna), N.Y., is fully operational. Republic also has begun using additional capacity at its Canton FlexCast Facility to produce 9.75" X 7.50" blooms. The company anticipates the new mill and additional bloom capacity will benefit all customers who have requirements within this product range.

New Sizing Mill
The new sizing mill in New York is North America's first model 370++ Kocks three-roll reducing and sizing block (RSB). The new mill enables Republic to produce round and hex-shaped bars and coils with closer-than-standard tolerances for the near-net forging and cold-forming industries.
The mill works as a finishing block to produce rounds (.750" to 3.000") and hexagons (.750" to 1.812"), and finishes bar-in-coils within the same dimensional range and sections. Republic anticipates that larger hexagon sizes will be available in the near future.

The new system includes a quick automatic stand-changing system, a pass and guide remote adjustment, and a computer-aided adjusting system for stands and guides. Reduced downtime related to more-efficient changing times and improved product quality have led to production and yield improvements in Lackawanna since the start-up of the mill.

"We're pleased to bring additional capacity to the hot-rolled marketplace through increased production efficiencies thanks to our new mill in New York," said Republic President and Chief Executive Officer Jaime Vigil. "Not only are we producing more in Lackawanna, we're producing product with much-improved diameter tolerances, which enables more consistent part quality for our customers."

Bloom Casting in Canton
In addition to producing blooms at full capacity at its Canton Bloom Cast Facility, Republic is now using additional capacity at its Canton FlexCast Facility to produce 9.750" X 7.50" blooms.
With automotive companies', forgers', and parts manufacturers' demand for bloom cast product skyrocketing, Republic saw a timely opportunity to enhance bloom production to address its customers' needs.

"We've got a good feel for the market, so we're well aware that customers have been experiencing a tough time finding blooms," Vigil said. "Lead times have extended significantly, and fortunately Republic has the ability to provide some relief."

About Republic
Republic Engineered Products, Inc. is North America's leading supplier of special bar quality (SBQ) steel, a highly engineered product used in axles, drive trains, suspensions, and other critical components of automobiles, off-highway vehicles, and industrial equipment. Republic's products include hot-rolled steel bars, cold-finished steel bars, and bottom-poured ingots. With headquarters and steelmaking capabilities in Canton, Ohio, the company operates value-added rolling and finishing facilities in Canton, Lorain, and Massillon, Ohio; Lackawanna, N.Y.; Gary, Ind.; and Hamilton, Ontario. Republic employs approximately 2,000 people.

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