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Republic has been at the heart of production and technological advancement in the cold finished steel bar industry since the 19th century.

We've been making cold finished steel bars precisely right for our customers since 1886.

The first manufacturer of cold finished steel bars still sets the standards. Republic is your truest partner to get the cold finished bars you want when you want them – true to shape and size, and truly dedicated to top-quality standards.

Republic has earned a leadership position in the cold finished industry by providing cold finished steel bars with exacting tolerances, special finishes, thermal treatments, and elevated qualities. This has led to a level of technical service none of our cold finished bar competitors have been able to match.

Cold Finished Division headquarters are at Republic's Massillon location, the largest of three Republic sites that manufacture cold finished steel bar. Other cold finished operations are located in Gary, Ind., and Hamilton, Ontario.

Republic Steel manufactures carbon and alloy bar products in rounds (0.25" to 6"), hexagons (0.40" to 3.5"); squares (0.40" to 3.5") and flats (0.25" to 3" thickness and 1" to 6" width).  The company offers cold finished bar in a variety of special finishes, grades and qualities, and performs various thermal treatments and other value-added processes to the product.

So, if you're one cold customer and believe Republic is the start and finish of cold finished steel bar…you are precisely right.

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