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The History Of Republic Bottom Pour Ingots

It all began more than 100 years ago and continues today with the dedication and skill that helps us lead the market in bottom poured ingots.

We produced bottom poured ingots for 22 years, until production was temporarily halted in 2002. For a few years we concentrated on continuous cast production with new bloom and billet casters. During this time we continued to invest and make improvements in our facilities and capabilities in electric furnace production in Canton.

In 2008, we were ready to reenter the bottom poured ingot market. We tapped the experience of the many employees who had expertise from our previous bottom poured production, and coupled these skills with a new, state-of-the-art bottom pour facility in our Canton, Ohio plant.

This new facility enables us to marry our long history in making high quality electric furnace steels with our renewed capabilities in producing high-quality bottom poured ingots. After melting, the heats are processed at our new ladle metallurgy and vacuum degassing station prior to bottom pouring. During the bottom pour process, we fully protect the ladle stream from reoxidation and automatically control the rate of rise in the molds to optimize surface quality.

Republic produces bottom poured ingots in three sizes – 24”, 29”, and 37” (610mm, 737mm, and 940mm). All are smooth-side rounds. We produce a wide variety of carbon and alloy grades. We have inventory available for immediate sale.

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